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      About Us
      Xiantao Yongli medical supplies Co., Ltd

      The former name ofXiantao Yongli Medical Products Co.,Ltd is Xiantao Jinhong Health ProductsCo.Ltd., which was founded in 2000.Yongli Medical covers an area of 30,000square meters and has more than 500 employees. We use advanced equipments fromGermany and adopt modern science and technology. Our company has systematictraining for staff, especially in the production of non-woven products andplastic products for the health care and protection. Our main products include:doctor cap, nurse cap, gowns, shoe covers, PE apron, visiting service, linens.And we also have a variety of choices of woven for customers, for instance:SBPP/SPP, SPP/PE, SPP/CPE, SMS, SMS/PE, Spunlace, LDPE, HDPE, CPE, Tyvek etc.After 10 years’ un remitting effort, we have accumulated abundant practicalexperience also has made great strides in development.
      The company always adheres to the enterprise purpose that “Quality is the lifeof the brand.” We established a set of strict internal quality control systemin accordance with the International Quality Standards. We are certified toCE13485 and ISO9001. We get widely praised by our good quality and the productswith high cost performance make us more competitive.
      Our company has independent import and export rights. The products are mainlyexported to Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, America, Brazil and many othercountries and regions
      We believe that quality and integrity can bring Yongli to the further future.We will treat our old and new customers honestly as always, and contribute tohuman health together.